Plastic Surgery 5th edition Volume 5 : Breast


Comprehensive and fully up to date, "the six-volume Plastic Surgery" remains the gold standard text in this complex area of surgery.

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Auteur(s) Maurice Y. Nahabedian, Peter C. Neligan
Collection Plastic Surgery
Date 01/11/2023
Pages 576
Taille 21 x 27
Type Relié
ISBN 9780323810425

Description détaillée : Plastic Surgery 5th edition Volume 5 : Breast

Completely revised to meet the demands of both the trainee and experienced surgeon, Breast, Volume 5 of Plastic Surgery, 5th Edition, features new, full-color clinical photos, procedural videos, lectures, and authoritative coverage of hot topics in the field.

Editor-narrated video presentations offer a step-by-step audio-visual walkthrough of techniques and procedures. 

What are the Key Features of "Plastic Surgery 5th edition : Breast Volume 5" ?

  • New chapters cover composite breast augmentation (fat and implants), mastopexy after massive weight loss, breast implant illness, and management options for gender affirmation surgery of the breast; coverage throughout includes new, pioneering translational work shaping the future of breast plastic surgery. 
  • New digital video preface by Dr. Peter C. Neligan addresses the changes across all six volumes. 
  • New treatment and decision-making algorithms added to chapters where applicable. 
  • New video lectures and editor-narrated slide presentations offer a step-by-step audiovisual walkthrough of techniques and procedures.  
  • Evidence-based advice from an expanded roster of international experts allows you to apply the very latest advances in breast plastic surgery and ensure optimal outcomes. 
  • Purchase this volume individually or own the entire set, with the ability to search across all six volumes online! 
  • An eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud. 

Who are the authors of "Plastic Surgery 5th edition : Breast Volume 5" ?

Maurice Y Nahabedian, MD, FACS, Georgetown University Hospital, Department of Plastic Surgery, Washington, DC, USA

Peter C. Neligan, MB, FRCS(I), FRCSC, FACS, Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

Sommaire : Plastic Surgery 5th edition Volume 5 : Breast

1Preoperative assessment and planning of the aesthetic breast patient
2Current status of breast implants
3Primary breast augmentation with implants
4Autologous Fat Transfer: Fundamental Principles & Application for Breast Augmentation
5Composite breast augmentation (fat and implants)
6Augmentation mastopexy
7Mastopexy with suture threads
8Dermal suspension mastopexy after weight loss
9Prevention and management of complications following breast augmentation and mastopexy
10Reduction mammaplasty with short scar techniques
11Reduction mammaplasty with inverted T techniques
12Breast implant illness: Diagnosis and management
13Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL): Diagnosis and Management
14A Critical Analysis of Irrigation Solutions in Breast Surgery
15Imaging and surveillance in patients with breast implants
16Breast Implant Explantation: Indications and Strategies to Optimize Aesthetic Outcomes
17Management Strategies for Gynecomastia
18Management Options for Gender Affirmation Surgery of the Breast
19Preoperative Evaluation and Planning for Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy
20Current strategies for partial and total mastectomy
21Perfusion assessment techniques following mastectomy and reconstruction
22Introduction to Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction
23One- and two-stage prepectoral reconstruction with prosthetic devices
24One-stage Dual Plane Reconstruction with Prosthetic Devices
25Two-stage Dual Plane Reconstruction with Prosthetic Devices
26One- and two-stage prosthetic reconstruction with total muscle coverage
27Skin Reduction Using ?oeSmile Mastopexy Technique in Breast Reconstruction
28Management of Complications of Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction
29Secondary refinement procedures following prosthetic breast reconstruction
30Introduction to autologous reconstruction with abdominal free flaps
31Breast reconstruction with the pedicle TRAM flap
32Breast reconstruction with the latissimus dorsi flap
33Autologous breast reconstruction with the DIEP flap
34Autologous breast reconstruction with the Free TRAM flap
35Autologous reconstruction with the SIEA flap
36Introduction to autologous reconstruction with alternative free flaps
37Autologous breast reconstruction with gluteal flaps
38Autologous breast reconstruction with medial thigh flaps
39Autologous breast reconstruction with posterior thigh flaps
40Autologous reconstruction with the lumbar free flap
41Hybrid breast reconstruction: Flaps and Implants
42Innervation of autologous flaps
43Autologous breast reconstruction with stacked flaps
44Management of complications following autologous reconstruction
45ERAS protocols in breast surgery: Techniques and outcomes
46Secondary procedures following autologous reconstruction
47Introduction to oncoplastic breast surgery
48Oncoplastic breast reconstruction: Reduction and mastopexy techniques
49Oncoplastic breast reconstruction: Local flap Techniques
50Surgical and non-surgical Management of lymphedema
51Breast reconstruction and radiation therapy: indications, techniques and outcomes
52Robotic assisted autologous breast reconstruction
53Total Breast Reconstruction by External Vacuum Expansion (EVE) & Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT)
54Current options for nipple reconstruction

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