Comprehensive and fully up to date, Dr. Peter Neligan’s six-volume masterwork, "Plastic Surgery, 5th Edition", remains the gold standard text in this complex area of surgery.

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Auteur(s) Peter C. Neligan
Collection Plastic Surgery
Date 01/11/2023
Pages 4680
Taille 21 x 27
ISBN 9780323810371


Completely revised to meet the demands of both the trainee and experienced surgeon, it features new, full-color clinical photos, procedural videos, and lectures across all six volumes. Bonus material online includes additional text, images, and over 200 procedural videos that help you improve your mastery of the latest techniques. 


What are the Key Features of "Plastic Surgery 5th edition" ?


  • Easily find the answers you need with an organization that features separate volumes covering Principles • Aesthetic • Craniofacial, Head and Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery • Lower Extremity, Trunk and Burns • Breast • and Hand and Upper Extremity. Each easily readable, individual volume is a standalone comprehensive text full of salient and applicable anatomy and techniques. 
  • Key procedures include gender affirmation management and surgery, microsurgery and surgery for lymphedema, aesthetic facial surgery, aesthetic body surgery, and the education, training and practice of plastic surgery. 
  • New digital video preface by Dr. Neligan addresses the changes across all six volumes. 
  • New treatment and decision-making algorithms added to chapters where applicable. 
  • New video lectures and editor-narrated slide presentations offer a step-by-step audiovisual walkthrough of techniques and procedures.  
  • Four new international experts join the editorial team, and lead editor Peter C. Neligan creates a cohesive tone throughout the chapters and content across all six volumes. 
  • Evidence-based advice from a diverse collection of experts allows you to apply the very latest advances in every area of plastic surgery and ensure optimal outcomes. 
  • Purchase only the volumes you need or own the entire set, with the ability to search across all six volumes online! 
  • An eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud. 


Peter C. Neligan : Author of "Plastic Surgery 5th edition" 

Peter C. Neligan, MB, FRCS(I), FRCSC, FACS, Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA


VOLUME 1 1Plastic Surgery and Innovation in Medicine 2History of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 3Applying Psychology to Routine Plastic Surgery Practice 4The Role of Ethics in Plastic Surgery and Medico-legal Issues In Plastic Surgery 5Business Principles for Plastic Surgeons 6Value Based HealthCare 7Digital Photography in Plastic Surgery 8Pre- and Intra-operative Imaging for Plastic Surgery 9Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery 10Anesthesia and Pain Management in Plastic Surgery 11Evidence-Based Medicine in Plastic Surgery 12Patient-Reported Outcomes in Plastic Surgery 13Health Services Research in Plastic Surgery 14Principles of Cancer Management 15Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine 15Wound Healing 16Scar Prevention, Treatment and Revision 17Skin Grafting 18Tissue Engineering 19Repair, Grafting and Engineering of Cartilage 20Repair and Grafting of Bone 21Repair and Grafting of Peripheral Nerve 22Repair and Grafting Fat and Adipose Tissue 23Vascular Territories 24Flap Physiology, Classification, and Applications 25Principles and Techniques of Microvascular Surgery 26Principles and Applications of Tissue Expansion 27Principles of Radiation 28Lymphedema: Pathophysiology and Basic Science 29Benign and Malignant Non Melanocytic Tumors of the Skin and Soft Tissue 30Melanoma 31Implants and Biomaterials 32Transplantation in Plastic Surgery 33Technology Innovation in Plastic Surgery 34Robotics in Plastic Surgery 35Digital Health in Plastic Surgery 36Simulation & Telemedicine in Plastic Surgery 36Overview of Minimally Invasive Procedures 37Education and Teaching in Plastic Surgery 38Global Plastic Surgery 39Gender Affirming Surgery

VOLUME 2 1Managing the Aesthetic Surgery Patient 2Principles of Practice Management for Cosmetic Surgery 3Managing Non-surgical Aesthetic Services and Medical Spa 4Essential Elements of Patient Safety in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 5Multimodal 6Blocks 7Local Anesthesia 8Non-Surgical Skin Care and Rejuvenation 9.1 Editors' Perspective: Injectables and Resurfacing Techniques 9.2 Soft Tissue Fillers 9.3 Botulinum Toxin/Neurotoxins 9.4 Lasers in Aesthetic Surgery 9.5 Chemical Peels 9.6 Minimally Invasive Multimodal Facial Rejuvenation 10.1 Editors' Perspective: Surgical Facial Rejuvenation 10.2 Anatomy of the Aging Face 10.3 Principles and Surgical Approaches of Facelift 10.4 Facelift: Facial Rejuvenation With Loop Sutures; The MACS lift and its Derivatives 10.5 Facelift: Lateral Smasectomy and Platysma-SMAS Plication 10.6 Facelift:The Extended SMAS Technique in Facial Rejuvenation 10.7 High SMAS Facelift: Combined Single Flap Lifting of the Jawline, Cheek and Mid-face 10.8 Lift and Fill 10.9 Neck Rejuvenation 10.10 Facelift: The Male Patient 10.11 Secondary Deformities and the Secondary Facelift 10.12 Perioral Facial Rejuvention - including chin 10.13 Facial Feminization 11Editors' Perspective: Forehead and Eyes 12Forehead Rejuvenation 13Endoscopic Brow Lifting 14Blepharoplasty 15Secondary Blepharoplasty: Techniques 16Asian Facial Cosmetic Surgery 17Structural Fat Grafting and other fat 18Editors' Perspective: Rhinoplasty 19Nasal Analysis and Anatomy 20Open Technique Rhinoplasty 21Closed Technique Rhinoplasty 22Airway Issues and the Deviated Nose 23Secondary Rhinoplasty 24Otoplasty 25Hair Restoration 26.1 Editors' Perspective: Liposuction 26.2 Liposuction: A Comprehensive Review of Techniques and Safety and non surgical fat removal 26.3 Correcting liposuction deformities with S.A.F.E liposuction technique 27Editors' Perspective: Abdominal Contouring 28Abdominoplasty 29Lipoabdominoplasty 30Editors' Perspective: Truncal Contouring 31Bra-Line Back Lift 32Belt Lipectomy 33Circumferential Lower Bodylift 34Purse-string Gluteoplasty 35Lower Bodylift with Gluteal Flaps 36.1 Editors' Perspective: Buttock Augmentation 36.2 Implant Based Buttock augmentation 36.3 Buttock Fat Grafting and Liposuction 37Upper Limb Contouring 38Medial Thigh 39Principles of Post Bariatric Surgery 40Energy Devices in Aesthetic Surgery 41Aesthetic Genital Surgery

VOLUME 3 1Management of Facial Trauma 2Scalp and Forehead Reconstruction 3Aesthetic Reconstruction of the Nose 4Auricular Construction 5Secondary Treatment of Acquired Cranio-orbital Deformities 6.1 Introduction: Computerized Surgical Planning 6.2 Three-Dimensional Virtual Planning in Orthognathic Surgery 6.3 Computerized Surgical Planning in Head and Neck Reconstruction 7Introduction: Post-Oncologic Reconstruction 8Overview of Head and Neck: Bony and Soft Tissue Tumors 9Mid-Face Reconstruction 10Local Flaps for Facial Coverage 11Lip Reconstruction 12Oral Cavity, Tongue and Mandibular Reconstructions 13Hypopharyngeal, Esophageal and Neck Reconstruction 14Secondary Facial Reconstruction 15Facial Paralysis 16Surgical Management of Facial Pain, Including Migraines 17Facial Feminization 18Embryology of the Craniofacial Complex 19.1 Unilateral Cleft Lip Introduction 19.2 Rotation Advancement 19.3 Extended Mohler Repair 19.4 Anatomic Subunit Approximation Approach to Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair 20Repair of Bilateral Cleft Lip 21.1 Cleft Palate Introduction 21.2 Straight Line Repair with Intravelar Veloplasty (IVVP) 21.3 Double Opposing Z-plasty 21.4 Buccal Myomucosal Flap Palate Repair 21.5 Buccal Fat Pad Flap 21.6 Oral Fistula Closure 21.7 Alveolar Clefts 21.8 Orthodontics in Cleft Lip and Palate Management 21.9 Velopharyngeal Dysfunction 21.10 Secondary Deformities of the Cleft Lip, Nose, and Palate 21.11 Cleft and Craniofacial Orthognathic Surgery 22Pediatric facial fractures 23Orbital Hypertelorism 24Craniofacial Clefts 25.1 Craniosynostosis Introduction 25.2 Single Suture Craniosynostosis 25.3 Multisutural Sydromic Craniosynostosis 25.4 Neurosurgical and Developmental Issues in Craniosynostosis 26Craniofacial Microsomia 27Idiopathic Progressive Hemifacial Atrophy 28Robin Sequence 29Treacher Collins Syndrome 30Congenital Melanocytic Nevi 31Vascular Anomalies 32Pediatric Chest and Trunk Defects 33Pediatric Tumors 34Conjoined Twins

VOLUME 4 1Comprehensive Lower Extremity Anatomy 2Management of Lower Extremity Trauma 3.1 Lymphedema: Introduction and Editors' Perspective 3.2 Imaging Modalities for Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphedema 3.3 Lymphovenous Bypass 3.4 Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer 3.5 Debulking Strategies and Procedures: Liposuction of Leg Lymphedema 3.6 Debulking Strategies and Procedures: Excision 4Lymphatic Reconstruction of the Extremities 4Lower Extremity Sarcoma Reconstruction 5Reconstructive Surgery: Lower Extremity Coverage 6.1 Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Lower Extremity Pain 6.2 Lower Extremity Pain: TMR 6.3 Lower Extremity Pain: Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interfaces 7Skeletal Reconstruction 8Foot Reconstruction 9.1 Diabetic Foot: Introduction 9.2 Diabetic Foot: Management of Wounds and Considerations in Biomechanics and Amputations 9.3 Diabetic Foot: Management of Vascularity and Considerations in Soft Tissue Reconstruction 10Comprehensive Trunk Anatomy 11Reconstruction of the Chest 12Reconstruction of the Soft Tissues of the Back 13Abdominal Wall Reconstruction 14.1 Gender Affirmation Surgery: Diagnosis and Management 14.2 Gender Affirmation Surgery, Male to Female: Vaginoplasty 14.3 Gender Affirmation Surgery, Female to Male: Phalloplasty; and Correction of Male Genital Defects 14.4 Breast, Chest Wall, and Facial Considerations in Gender Affirmation 14.4 Correction of Congenital and Acquired Male Genital Defects 15Reconstruction of Acquired Vaginal Defects 16Pressure Sores 17Perineal Reconstruction 18Acute Management of Burn/Electrical Injuries, including Cold, Chemical, and Exfoliative Injuries 19Extremity Burn Reconstruction 20Management of the Burned Face and Neck 21Pediatric Burns 26Reconstruction of Male Genital Defects 33Reconstructive Burn Surgery 34Cold and Chemical Injury to the Upper Extremity & Management of Patients with Exfoliative Disorders, Epidermolysis Bullosa & TEN

VOLUME 5 1Preoperative assessment and planning of the aesthetic breast patient 2Current status of breast implants 3Primary breast augmentation with implants 4Autologous Fat Transfer: Fundamental Principles & Application for Breast Augmentation 5Composite breast augmentation (fat and implants) 6Augmentation mastopexy 7Mastopexy with suture threads 8Mastopexy After Massive Weight Loss 9Prevention and management of complications following breast augmentation and mastopexy 10Short Scar Breast Reduction 11Reduction mammaplasty with inverted T techniques 12Breast implant illness: Diagnosis and management 13Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL): Diagnosis and Management 14A Critical Analysis of Irrigation Solutions in Breast Surgery 15Imaging and surveillance in patients with breast implants 16Breast Implant Explantation: Indications and Strategies to Optimize Aesthetic Outcomes 17Management Strategies for Gynecomastia 18Management Options for Gender Affirmation Surgery of the Breast 19Preoperative Evaluation and Planning for Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy 20Current strategies for partial and total mastectomy 21Perfusion assessment techniques following mastectomy and reconstruction 22Introduction to Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction 23One- and two-stage prepectoral reconstruction with prosthetic devices 24One-stage Dual Plane Reconstruction with Prosthetic Devices 25Two-stage Dual Plane Reconstruction with Prosthetic Devices 26One- and two-stage prosthetic reconstruction with total muscle coverage 27Skin Reduction Using ?oeSmile Mastopexy Technique in Breast Reconstruction 28Management of Complications of Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction 29Secondary refinement procedures following prosthetic breast reconstruction 30Introduction to autologous reconstruction with abdominal free flaps 31Breast reconstruction with the pedicle TRAM flap 32Breast reconstruction with the latissimus dorsi flap 33Autologous breast reconstruction with the DIEP flap 34Autologous breast reconstruction with the Free TRAM flap 35Autologous reconstruction with the SIEA flap 36Introduction to autologous reconstruction with alternative free flaps 37Autologous breast reconstruction with gluteal flaps 38Autologous breast reconstruction with medial thigh flaps 39Autologous breast reconstruction with posterior thigh flaps 40Autologous reconstruction with the lumbar free flap 41Hybrid breast reconstruction: Flaps and Implants 42Innervation of autologous flaps 43Autologous breast reconstruction with stacked flaps 44Management of complications following autologous reconstruction 45ERAS protocols in breast surgery: Techniques and outcomes 46Secondary procedures following autologous reconstruction 47Introduction to oncoplastic breast surgery 48Oncoplastic breast reconstruction: Reduction and mastopexy techniques 49Oncoplastic breast reconstruction: Local flap Techniques 50Surgical and non-surgical Management of lymphedema 51Breast reconstruction and radiation therapy: indications, techniques and outcomes 52Robotic assisted autologous breast reconstruction 53Total Breast Reconstruction by External Vacuum Expansion (EVE) & Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) 54Current options for nipple reconstruction

VOLUME 6 Plastic surgery contributions to hand surgery 1Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Hand 1Examination of the Upper Extremity 1Treatment of the Upper Extremity Amputee 1The Fingertip, Nail Plate and Nail Bed: Anatomy, Repair and Reconstruction 1Infections of the Hand 1Intro 1Introduction: Plastic Surgery Contributions to Hand Surgery 1Peripheral Nerve Repair and Reconstruction 1Embryology, Classification, and Principles of the Management of Congenital Hand Disorders 1Anatomy and biomechanics of the hand 1The Ischemic Hand 2Anesthesia for Upper Extremity Surgery 2Hand Fractures and Joint Injuries 2The Spastic Hand 2Diagnostic Imaging of the Hand and Wrist 2Benign and Malignant Tumors of the Hand 2Brachial Plexus Injuries: Adult and Pediatric 2Examination of the upper extremity 2Whole Limb Upper Extremity Malformations 2Upper Extremity Composite Allotransplantation 3Principles of Internal Fixation as Applied to the Hand and Wrist 3Fractures and Dislocations of the Wrist and Distal Radius 3The Stiff Hand 3Aesthetic Surgery of the Hand 3Malformations with Abnormal Axis Differentiation Affecting the Hand Plate 3Diagnostic imaging of the hand and wrist 3Management of Dupuytren?s Disease 3Restoration of Upper Extremity Function in Tetraplegia 4Extensor Tendon Injuries 4Tendon Transfer for Reconstruction of the Wrist and Hand 4Malformations with Abnormal Axis Differentiation Affecting the Hand Plate: Unspecified Axis 4The Painful Hand 4Anesthesia for upper extremity surgery 4Osteoarthritis in the Hand and Wrist 4Hand Therapy 5Hand Deformations and Dysplasias 5Replantation and Revascularization 5Rheumatologic Conditions of the Hand and Wrist 5Nerve Transfers 5Principles of internal fixation 6Reconstructive Surgery of the Mutilated Hand 6Occupational Hand Disorders 6Free-functioning Muscle Transfer in the Upper Extremity 6Nail and fingertip reconstruction 6Congenital Hand Dysplasias: Tumorous Conditions 7Congenital Hand Dyplasias: Congenital Contractures 7Thumb Reconstruction: Non-microsurgical Techniques 7Hand fractures and joint injuries 7Nerve Entrapment Syndromes 8Thumb Reconstruction: Microsurgical Techniques 8Fractures and dislocations of the wrist and distal radius 8Growth Considerations in the Pediatric Upper Extremity 9Flexor tendon injuries and reconstruction 10Extensor tendon injuries 11Replantation 12Reconstructive surgery of the mutilated hand 13Thumb reconstruction: non microsurgical techniques 14Thumb reconstruction: microsurgical techniques 15Infections of the hand 16Tumors of the hand 17Dupuytren's disease 18Osteoarthritis in the hand and wrist 19Rheumatologic conditions in the hand and wrist 20Occupational hand disorders 21Nerve entrapment syndromes 22Peripheral nerve repair and reconstruction 23Brachial plexus injuries: Adult and pediatric 24Tetraplegia 25Tendon transfers 26Nerve transfers 27Free functioning muscle transfer 28The ischemic hand 29The spastic hand 30The Stiff Hand: Prevention and Treatment 31The Painful hand 32Congenital hand 1: Embryology, classification and principles 33Congenital hand 2: Malformations - Whole Limb 34Congenital hand 3: Malformations ? Abnormal Axis differentiation ? Hand plate 35Congenital hand 4: Malformations ? Abnormal Axis differentiation ? Hand plate - unspecified axis 36Congenital hand 5: Deformations & Dysplasias 37Congenital Hand 6: Dysplasias ? Tumorous conditions 38Congenital hand 7: Dysplasias ? Congenital contractures 39Growth considerations in the pediatric upper extremity 40Treatment of the upper extremity amputee 41Upper extremity composite allotransplantation 42Aesthetic surgery for the hand 43Hand therapy

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