Imaging anatomy: Bones, Joints, Muscles, Vessels, and Nerves

Text and Atlas Volume 3

An in-depth guide to upper and lower extremity anatomy based on the latest imaging techniques

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Auteur(s) Farhood Saremi, Meng Law, Dakshesh Patel
Éditeur THIEME
Date 07/02/2024
Pages 958
Taille 21 x 27
Type Relié
ISBN 9781626239845

Description détaillée : Imaging anatomy: Bones, Joints, Muscles, Vessels, and Nerves

While the study of anatomy plays a fundamental role in the practice of medicine, most textbooks don’t rely on modern imaging and post-processing methods to depict and increase its understanding.

Imaging Anatomy Text and Atlas Volume 3: Bones, Joints, Muscles, Vessels, and Nerves is the third in a series of four richly illustrated radiologic references edited by distinguished radiologist Farhood Saremi.

The atlas is coedited by esteemed colleagues Dakshesh B. Patel, Damián Sánchez-Quintana, Hiro Kiyosue, Meng Law, and R. Shane Tubbs and features contributions from an impressive group of international experts. The succinctly written text and superb images fill a gap in the literature, with descriptions of relevant anatomical components in the context of current advances in imaging technology and science.

What is the content of "Atlas of Imaging Anatomy : Bones, Muscles and Extremities"?

This exquisitely crafted atlas combines fundamental core anatomy principles with modern imaging and post-processing methods to increase understanding of intricate anatomical features. Twenty-four concise chapters cover terminology and classification of musculoskeletal structure, bones, muscles, joints, arteries, veins, nerves, and lymphatics.

High-quality dissecting imaging anatomy, discussion of anatomical variants, postsurgical anatomy, and important pathology examples provide a strong foundation for differentiating normal versus pathologic anatomy.

Key Highlights

  • State-of-the-art CT, MR, angiography, and ultrasound techniques infused with 3D reformations, color coded volume rendering, and 3-7 Tesla MR views delineate anatomy in great detail
  • Cross-sectional and topographic cadaveric views and illustrations by world-renowned anatomists improve the ability to grasp difficult radiology concepts
  • Consistently formatted chapters including an introduction, embryology, review of anatomy, discussion of anatomical variants, surgical anatomy, and congenital and acquired pathologies enhance learning

This unique atlas provides a virtual, user-friendly dissection experience, making it a must-have reference for medical students, radiology residents and veteran radiologists, internists, and general surgeons, as well as vascular and transplant surgeons. 

Sommaire : Imaging anatomy: Bones, Joints, Muscles, Vessels, and Nerves

1. Bones, Muscles, Tendons, Joints, and Cartilage
2. Upper Extremity Bones: Shoulder Girdle, Arm, and Forearm
3. Muscles of Shoulder Girdle, Arm, and Forearm
4. Upper Extremity Arteries
5. Upper Extremity and Shoulder Venous System
6. Brachial Plexus and Its Branches
7. Lymphatic System of the Upper Extremity
8. Lower Extremity Bones: Pelvis, Femur, Tibia, Fibula
9. Lower Extremity Muscles: Pelvic Girdle, Thigh, and Leg
10. Accessory Muscles
11. Lower Extremity Arteries
12. Lower Extremity and Pelvic Venous System
13. Lower Extremity Nerves
14. Lymphatics of the Lower Extremities
15. Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint
16. Elbow Joint
17. Wrist
18. Hand
19. Sacrum, Coccyx, and Sacroiliac Joints
20. Hip
21. Knee
22. Ankle
23. Foot
24. Temporomandibular Joint

Auteur(s): Imaging anatomy: Bones, Joints, Muscles, Vessels, and Nerves

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