Trauma Surgery Essentials

A Must-Know Guide to Emergency Management

Time is of the essence in the effective management of trauma patients, requiring quick evaluation, immediate lifesaving procedures, and a definitive treatment of a wide variety of injuries. 

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Auteur(s) Anil K. Srivastava
Date 12/11/2023
Pages 536
Taille 23 X 15
Type Broché
ISBN 9780323870276

Description détaillée : Trauma Surgery Essentials

Trauma Surgery Essentials: A Must-Know Guide to Emergency Management has been written and designed to provide need-to-know information in a visually appealing, easy-to-read format.

Expert trauma surgeon Dr. Anil K. Srivastava has identified the essential trauma surgery facts and procedures you must know, based on authoritative textbooks, practice guidelines, and current peer-reviewed journals, and compiled all of this information into a handy guide, ideal for quick reference at the point of care.

  • Covers the emergent evaluation and management of trauma patients, as well as the emergency management of specific injuries.

  • Uses an easy-to-digest, bullet-point format to convey information in a way that?s easy to follow and understand.

  • Contains dozens of full-color illustrations that focus on surgical anatomy and surgical procedures, as well as numerous algorithms that aid in surgical decision making.

  • A valuable resource for medical students, trainee surgical residents, trauma surgery fellows, general surgeons, trauma surgeons, ER physicians, and midlevel providers, as well as other non-surgical physicians who are interested in the management of trauma patients.

  • An eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud.


Anil K. Stivastava : Author of "Trauma Surgery Essentials : A Must-Know Guide to Emergency Management"

Anil K. Srivastava : MD, FRCS (Edin.; United Kingdom), FACS (USA)

Sommaire : Trauma Surgery Essentials

PART A EMERGENT EVALUATION OF THE TRAUA PATIENTS SECTION I INITIAL EVALUATION Chapter 1: The Vicious cycle of trauma Chapter 2: Death in trauma patients Chapter 3: Process of evaluation of trauma patients Chapter 4: Primary survey & Resuscitation SECTION II MANAGEMENT OF AIRWAY Chapter 5: Definitive airway Chapter 6: Endotracheal intubation Chapter 7: Extra-glottic devices in failed intubation Chapter 8: Emergency surgical airway SECTION III MANAGEMENT OF BREATHING Chapter 9: Compromised Breathing & Ventilation Chapter 10: Procedures for compromised breathing SECTION IV MANAGEMENT OF CIRCULATION Chapter 11: Assessment and Management of shock Chapter 12: Pathophysiology of hemorrhagic shock Chapter 13: Manifestation of hemorrhagic shock Chapter 14: Differential diagnosis of shock in trauma patients Chapter 15: Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome(SIRS), Sepsis & Septic Shock Chapter 16: Principles of management of hemorrhagic shock Chapter 17: Access for fluid resuscitation Chapter 18: Resuscitation fluid Chapter 19: Balanced resuscitation Chapter 20: Use of Blood and Blood products Chapter 21: Control of bleeding Chapter 22: Viscoelastic Hemostatic Assay Chapter 23: Resuscitative Endoluminal Balloon Occlusion of Aorta (REBOA) Chapter 24: Monitoring of Resuscitation

PART B MANAGEMENT OF SPECIFIC TRAUMA PROBLEMS SECTION V MANAGEMENT OF HEAD TRAUMA Chapter 25: Evaluation of head injury Chapter 26: Types of brain injury Chapter 27: Intracranial pressure monitoring Chapter 28: Non- surgical management of traumatic brain injury Chapter 29: Surgical management of traumatic brain injury Chapter 30: Brain death Chapter 31: Scalp laceration Chapter 32: Skull fracture Chapter 33: Facial fracture SECTION VI MANAGEMENT OF SPINE TRAUMA Chapter 34: Cervical spine clearance in blunt injury Chapter 35: Blunt cerebrovascular injury Chapter 36: Cervical spine injuries Chapter 37: Thoracolumbar spine injury Chapter 38: Spinal cord injury SECTION VII NECK TRAUMA Chapter 39: Blunt neck trauma Chapter 40: Penetrating neck trauma SECTION VIII CHEST TRAUMA Chapter 41: Chest wall injury Chapter 42: Lung and tracheobronchial injury Chapter 43: Thoracic vascular injury Chapter 44: Esophageal injury Chapter 45: Damage control thoracotomy SECTION IX ABDOMINAL TRAUMA Chapter 46: Management of hemodynamically unstable abdominal (Blunt/Penetrating) trauma Chapter 47: Damage control exploratory laparotomy Chapter 48: Temporary abdominal closure Chapter 49: Exposure of retroperitoneum Chapter 50: Management of liver injury Chapter 51: Management of pancreatic injury Chapter 52: Management of spleen injury Chapter 53 : Management of stomach injury Chapter 54: Management of duodenal injury Chapter 55: Management of small bowel injury Chapter 56: Management of colorectal injury Chapter 57: Management of retroperitoneal vascular injury Chapter 58: Management of pelvic bleeding Chapter 59: Management of urogenital injury SECTION X PERIPHERAL VASCULAR INJURY Chapter 60: Management of upper extremity vascular injury Chapter 61: Management of lower extremity vascular injury SECTION XI MUSCULOSKELETAL INJURY Chapter 62: Management of pelvic fracture Chapter 63: Management of extremities fractures Chapter 64: Classification of musculoskeletal injuries Chapter 65: Compartment syndrome Chapter 66: Amputations SECTION XII MISCELLANEOUS Chapter 67: Trauma in the extremes of age Chapter 68: Trauma in pregnancy Chapter 69: Scoring systems in trauma

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