This book presents detailed, standardized, step-by-step protocols for easy access to essential information in small animal emergency rooms and intensive care units

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Auteur(s) Jamie M Burkitt Creedon, Harold Davis
Éditeur WILEY
Date 18/04/2023
Pages 1088
Taille 21 x 27
Type Relié
ISBN 9781119581413


Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, Second Edition offers a complete and clinically oriented reference for step-by-step detail on a wide range of procedures in the small animal emergency room and intensive care unit.

What is the content of "Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, Second Edition" ?

Each protocol provides detailed instructions grounded in the evidence. The book is carefully designed for ease of use, with concise but comprehensive explanations, useful equipment lists, protocols called out in boxes, and extensive reference lists.

In the revised and expanded Second Edition, information has been updated and expanded throughout, and information and chapters have been added in many important areas, including veterinary point-of-care ultrasound (VPOCUS), veterinary CPR, blood banking and transfusion medicine, advanced techniques for mechanical ventilation, and veterinary health care team wellbeing. A companion website offers the protocols in Word for editing and use in practice and the figures from the book in PowerPoint.

Specific topics covered in Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care include:

  • The cardiovascular system, covering catheterization of the venous compartment, arterial puncture and catheterization, cardiac VPOCUS, principles of electrocardiography, and electrocardiogram interpretation
  • The respiratory system, covering oxygen therapy, pulse oximetry and CO-oximetry, blood gas analysis, pleural space and lung VPOCUS, tracheal intubation, and temporary tracheostomy
  • The urinary and abdominal systems, covering urethral catheterization, abdominal VPOCUS, peritoneal dialysis, technical management of hemodialysis patients, and peritoneal evaluation
  • Transfusion medicine, covering blood banking, blood typing, cross-matching, and administration of blood and other biological products

Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care presents invaluable and accessible information for emergency situations, making it a highly useful reference for veterinary practitioners, veterinary technicians and nurses, veterinary students, small animal emergency and critical care residents, small animal emergency and critical care specialists, and emergency and critical care veterinary technicians and nurse specialists.


Who are the authors of "Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, Second Edition" ?

Jamie M. Burkitt Creedon, DVM, DACVECC, is Associate Professor of Clinical Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care at the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in Davis, California, USA. She currently serves as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, and is an Executive Committee member for the RECOVER initiative in veterinary CPR.

Harold Davis, BA, RVT, VTS (Emergency and Critical Care) (Anesthesia and Analgesia), is retired from his position as Manager of the Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Service at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in Davis, California, USA.



List of Contributors xi

Preface to the Second Edition xvii

Acknowledgments xix

About the Companion Website xxi

Section One Fundamental Elements of Emergency and Critical Care Practice 1

1 Triage 3

Harold Davis

2 The Small Animal Emergency Room 13

Martin D. Miller and Sean D. Smarick

3 Intensive Care Unit Design 23

Joris H. Robben and Lindsey Dodd

4 Developing and Using Checklists in Practice 47

Elizabeth B. Davidow and Carmen King

5 Medical Charting 53

Karl E. Jandrey and Sharon Fornes

6 Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Emergency and Critical Care 75

Søren Boysen and Valerie Madden

Section Two Cardiovascular Procedures and Monitoring 81

7 Catheterization of the Venous Compartment 83

Andrea M. Steele and Jessica L. Oram

8 Arterial Puncture and Catheterization 103

Elisa M. Mazzaferro and Nicole van Sant

9 Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access 117

Søren Boysen and Valerie Madden

10 Principles of Electrocardiography 127

Jamie M. Burkitt Creedon

11 Electrocardiogram Interpretation 135

Casey J. Kohen

12 Fluid-Filled Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems 153

Jamie M. Burkitt Creedon

13 Direct Systemic Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring 169

Edward Cooper and Stacey Cooper

14 Noninvasive Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring 181

Christopher L. Norkus and Nicholas L. Rivituso

15 Central Venous Pressure Monitoring 191

Rosalind S. Chow

16 Cardiac Output Monitoring 207

Mack Fudge

17 Point-of-Care Cardiac Ultrasound 225

Valerie Madden and Søren Boysen

18 Pericardiocentesis 241

Simon P. Hagley

19 Monitoring Tissue Perfusion: Clinicopathologic Aids and Advanced Techniques 251

Alexandra Nectoux and Guillaume L. Hoareau

20 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 261

Sean D. Smarick

21 Open-Chest Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 271

Janelle R. Wierenga and Katherine R. Crosse

22 Defibrillation 281

Casey J. Kohen

23 Temporary Cardiac Pacing 291

Anna Grimes and H. Edward Durham, Jr

Section Three Respiratory Procedures and Monitoring 309

24 Oxygen Therapy 311

Kate Farrell

25 Pulse Oximetry and Co-Oximetry 327

Kate Farrell

26 Blood Gas Analysis 339

Sarah Gray

27 Point-of-Care Lung and Pleural Space Ultrasound 347

Søren Boysen and Valerie Madden

28 Tracheal Intubation 365

Marc Raffe and Rachel Bassett

29 Temporary Tracheostomy 377

F. A. (Tony) Mann

30 Capnography 389

Linda S. Barter and Alessia Cenani

31 Mechanical Ventilation 399

Kate Hopper and Julie Eveland-Baker

32 Ventilator Waveform Analysis 409

Deborah Silverstein and Justina Gerard

33 Alternative Methods of Augmented Ventilation 427

Jessica Schavone and Elizabeth Rozanski

34 Pleural Space Drainage 431

Amanda Arrowood and Lori S. Waddell

Section Four Urinary and Gastrointestinal Procedures 449

35 Urethral Catheterization 451

Jamie M. Burkitt Creedon

36 Peritoneal Dialysis 467

Michael D. Santasieri, Carolyn Tai, and Mary Anna Labato

37 Technical Management of Hemodialysis 481

Karen Poeppel and Cathy Langston

38 Peritoneal Evaluation 499

Laura Osborne and Lindsey Strang

39 Point-of-Care Abdominal Ultrasound 513

Søren Boysen and Valerie Madden

40 Specialized Gastrointestinal Techniques 523

Lisa Smart and Joyce Lau

41 Postoperative Peritoneal Drainage Techniques 539

Margo Mehl

Section Five Nutrition 545

42 Nutritional Requirements in Critical Illness 547

Daniel L. Chan

43 Enteral Diets for Critically Ill Patients 555

Sally C. Perea

44 Assisted Enteral Feeding 567

Wan K. A. Tan

45 Parenteral Nutrition 585

Jennifer Larsen

Section Six Analgesia and Anesthesia 599

46 Drug Administration 601

Damion Asselin and Jane Quandt

47 Pain Recognition and Management 617

Chiara Valtolina and Liza Lindeman

48 Systemic Analgesia 631

Sarah Haldane and Angela Chapman

49 Local Anesthesia 651

Christopher L. Norkus

50 Monitoring the Anesthetized Patient 665

Benjamin M. Brainard and Jessica Perlini

51 Nursing Care of the Long-Term Anesthetized Patient 681

Yekaterina Buriko and Bridget M. Lyons

52 Neuromuscular Blockade 691

Manuel Martin-Flores and Karen L. Basher

Section Seven Clinicopathologic Techniques 699

53 Blood Sample Collection and Handling 701

Courtney Waxman and Tami Lind

54 In-House Hematologic Evaluation 717

Karl Jandrey and Andrew Burton

55 In-House Evaluation of Hemostasis 739

April Summers, Jocey Pronko, and Julien Guillaumin

56 Electrolyte Evaluation 747

Louisa J. Rahilly and Katherine Vachon

57 Acid–Base Evaluation 763

Kate Hopper

58 Osmolality and Colloid Osmotic Pressure 771

Elke Rudloff and Angel Rivera

59 Body Fluid Collection and Handling 779

Adesola Odunayo and Eric Hilton

60 Urinalysis in Acutely and Critically Ill Dogs and Cats 787

Lucy Kopecny and Sean Naylor

61 Cytology 797

Rebecca J. Greer

Section Eight Infection Control 807

62 Minimizing Healthcare-Associated Infections 809

Jane E. Sykes

63 Care of Indwelling Device Insertion Sites 819

Helen Philp

64 Antiseptics, Disinfectants, and Sterilization 837

Samantha Jones, Krystle Reagan, and Nicole Saunders

65 Personnel Precautions for Patients with Zoonotic Disease 845

Sarah Fritz and Christopher G. Byers

Section Nine Transfusion Medicine 859

66 Blood Typing and Crossmatching 861

Sarah Musulin and Kenichiro Yagi

67 Blood Transfusion 879

Julien Guillaumin and Kristin Kofron

68 Administration of Other Biological Products 891

Jennifer E. Prittie and Jasmine De Stefano

69 Blood Banking 905

Marie K. Holowaychuk and Kenichiro Yagi

Section Ten Nursing Care of Specific Populations 921

70 Care of the Patient with Intracranial Disease 923

Marie K. Holowaychuk and Charlotte E. Donohoe

71 Care of the Burned Animal 935

Steven Epstein

72 Care of the Environmentally Injured Animal 941

Michael S. Lagutchik, Rufus W. Frederick, and James O. Barclay

73 Blood Glucose Monitoring and Glycemic Control 951

Erica L. Reineke

74 Critical Nursing Care of the Neonate 965

Autumn Davidson and Janice Cain

75 Safe Handling and Care of Patients Exposed to Radioactive and Anti-Neoplastic Agents 997

Michael S. Kent and Kristen Sears

76 Handling the Suspected Cruelty Case 1005

Alison Liu

Section Eleven Wellness for the Veterinary Health Care Team 1017

77 Self-Compassion: The Cornerstone of Wellbeing 1019

Deborah A. Stone

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