Radiosurgery of the Skull Base

A Case-Based Approach

"Radiosurgery of the Skull Base: A Case-Based Approach" explores non-invasive treatment of skull base pathologies using radiosurgery  - all with a practical, case-based approach .

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Auteur(s) Siviero Agazzi, Lawrence Berk
Date 29/11/2023
Pages 434
Taille 27 x 21
Type Broché
ISBN 9780323874373

Description détaillée : Radiosurgery of the Skull Base

This succinct, easy-to-navigate clinical reference covers stereotactic radiosurgery of skull base lesions, allowing you to quickly look up a specific pathology and tailor your radiosurgical strategy accordingly for the best treatment plan.


What is the content of "Radiosurgery of the Skull Base : A Case-Based Approach" ?

  • Covers the basics of radiosurgery, including fundamentals of radiobiology, dose tolerances, and particle therapy, as well as how and when to utilize radiosurgery in patients with skull base tumors.
  • Provides a pragmatic and structured approach to more than 50 pathologies along various regions of the skull base.
  • Includes tumor treatment plans for various pathologies, including vestibular and facial schwannomas, pituitary adenomas, meningiomas, chordomas, trigeminal neuralgia, metastases, and more.
  • Presents cases based on real patient scenarios, with thorough descriptions of planning, dosages, outcomes, and follow-up images.
  • Discusses the dose tolerance of surrounding structures, which influences the overall treatment plan.

An eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud.


Who are the authors of "Radiosurgery of the Skull Base : A Case-Based Approach" ?

Siviero Agazzi : Chief of Cranial Surgery and Chief of Radiosurgery, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA

Lawrence Berk and Mohammad Hassan A. Noureldine

Sommaire : Radiosurgery of the Skull Base

Section I

Olfactory groove:

Meningioma [Anterior fossa floor/Olfactory groove]


Planum sphenoidale/Tuberculum sellae:

Meningioma [Tuberculum/Perioptic]

Section II


Pituitary tumor [Nonfunctional, Cavernous sinus]

Pituitary tumor [Prolactinoma, Cavernous sinus]

Pituitary tumor [Acromegaly, Cavernous sinus]

Pituitary tumor [Cushing]

Pituitary tumor with chiasmal compression [Reduced dose SRS or hypofractionated]

Craniopharyngioma [Adult]

Craniopharyngioma [Child]

Metastasis to the Sella

Rathke?s Cleft cyst [Recurrent]

Section III

Parasellar space/Cavernous sinus:

Oculomotor schwannoma

Trochlear schwannoma

Abducens schwannoma

Trigeminal schwannoma

Meningioma [Cavernous sinus, Small/Medium]

Meningioma [Cavernous sinus, Large, 5-session hypofractionated]


Chordoma [Clivus/Cavernous sinus]

Metastasis to Meckel?s cave/Clivus bone

Solitary Fibrous Tumor [Clivus]

Section IV

Cerebellopontine Angle

Meningioma [Petroclival with diplopia]

Meningioma [Petroclival with TGN, Tumor + Nerve dose plan]

Meningioma [Inferior petrous ridge]

Meningioma [Petrous ridge posterior to IAC]

Meningioma [Cerebellopontine angle]

Chondrosarcoma [Petrous ridge]

Endolymphatic sac tumor

Section V

Internal auditory canal:

Vestibular schwannoma [4mm, Intracanalicular]

Vestibular schwannoma [10mm, Lateral fundus]

Vestibular schwannoma [10mm, Medial canal]

Vestibular schwannoma [18mm]

Vestibular schwannoma [23mm]

Vestibular schwannoma [30mm]

Vestibular schwannoma [After prior resection]

Vestibular schwannoma [Poor hearing in the contralateral non-tumor ear]

Vestibular schwannoma [Neurofibromatosis type 2]

Facial schwannoma [Auditory canal]

Facial schwannoma [Geniculate]

Facial nerve hemangioma

Section VI

Jugular foramen:

Jugular foramen schwannoma

Glomus tumor

Meningioma [Jugular foramen]

Foramen magnum:

Hypoglossal schwannoma

Meningioma [Foramen magnum]

Section VII


Meningioma [Torcular]

Meningioma [Transverse sinus]

Meningioma [Grade 2 histology, Multiple sites]

Meningioma [Neurofibromatosis type 2, Skull base]


Adenoid cystic carcinoma

Squamous Cell carcinoma [Head and neck with perineural spread]

Epidermoid cyst

Dural arteriovenous fistula [Transverse sinus]

Dural arteriovenous fistula [Cavernous sinus, Carotid-Cavernous fistula]

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