Surgical Nuances of Head Injury

Fundamental techniques and novel approaches for traumatic head injuries

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Auteur(s) Anoop Kumar Singh
Éditeur THIEME
Date 18/10/2023
Pages 452
Taille 27 x 21
Type Relié
ISBN 9789395390248

Description détaillée : Surgical Nuances of Head Injury

Surgical Nuances of Head Injury is the first of its kind, entirely dedicated to the technical aspect of head injury–related surgeries.

This book uniquely compiles all the basic neurosurgical steps for management of head injuries and includes exemplary case studies of both common as well as uncommon scenarios of a variety of head injuries.

This book is an innovative concept between a text and an atlas, mentioning all necessary details through stunning surgical photos and detailing the surgeries with a step-by-step approach. With an equal emphasis on the basics and advancements, the authors have tried to correlate the clinical approach and technological help whenever required.

All the chapters have clear surgical descriptions of conventional and situational case scenarios, to help neurosurgeons make decisions in complex trauma cases. Through these interwoven concepts, the neurosurgery leaders intend to offer an easy solution to the readers and help them avoid confusion in tricky situations in an era of high-speed trauma.


What are the Key Points of "Surgical Nuances of Head Injury" ?

  • "The Principle of Management of the Layers" is the concept behind respecting each layer while approaching from skin to the brain and is the book's central theme, which may bring the complication rates to the lowest possible extent in trauma and conventional surgeries.
  • Many new surgical techniques have been described for the first time in this book, such as the four hand technique, sizeable temporalis–pericranium–loose areolar tissue graft harvesting, among others.
  • Cranial nerve and vascular injuries—the least discussed domains of neurotrauma—have been purposefully added in this book to increase an awareness among the neurosurgical fraternity. These sections have been authored by world-renowned experts in this field.

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Sommaire : Surgical Nuances of Head Injury

Section I: Pre-Surgical Head Injury Management
1. Preoperative Evaluation and Management of Head Injury Patient
2. Imaging Essence
3. Head Injury: An Anesthetic Consideration
Section II: The Techniques with Surgical Nuances
Subsection I: ICP Monitoring
4. Techniques of ICP Monitoring in Traumatic Brain Injury
Subsection II: The Principle Management of Layers
5. Scalp and Muscles
6. Cranium
7. Pachymeninx: The Dura
8. Duraplasty
9. Leptomeninx: The Arachnoid and the Pia Mater
Subsection III: Scalp and Facial Injuries
10. Scalp Injuries
11. The Neurosurgical Perspective of Facial Fractures
Subsection IV: Injuries to the Cranium
12. Depressed Skull Fractures
13. Growing Skull Fracture
Subsection V: Intra-cranial Injuries
14. Traumatic Intracranial Epidural Hematoma
15. Acute Subdural Hematoma
16. Chronic Subdural Hematoma
17. Twist Drill Craniostomy
18. Endoscopic Treatment of Chronic Subdural Hematoma
19. Traumatic Brain Contusion and Hematoma
20. Penetrating Brain Injuries
21. Decompressive Craniectomy
Subsection VI: Traumatic Internal Compounding
22. Traumatic CSF Rhinorrhoea
23. Cerebrospinal Fluid Otorrhea and Ear Encephalocele
24. Traumatic Pneumocephalus
25. Traumatic Basal Encephalocele
Subsection VII: Skull Defect Repair
26. Cranioplasty
Subsection VIII: Cranial Nerve Injuries
27. Surgical Management of Optic Nerve Injury
28. Traumatic Cranial Neuropathy
Subsection IX: Traumatic Intra-cranial Vascular Injuries
29. Vascular Complications of Head Injury
30. Extracranial–Intracranial Bypass in Neurotrauma
Section III: Miscellaneous
31. Postoperative Management in Head Injury

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