The Neurosurgical Consult Book

Written by neuro surgery residents for neuro surgery residents,

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Date 16/12/2022
Pages 424
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ISBN 9780323756143

Description détaillée : The Neurosurgical Consult Book

The Neurosurgical Consult Book focuses on the initial care and treatment of the neurosurgical consult patient, providing the key guidance you need when quick clinical management decisions are critical.

You'll learn to recognize the acuity of patient presentation and determine how to immediately triage the needs of the patient at an appropriate level of care. This portable, practical guide helps you quickly steer neurosurgical patients to medical stability and safety until a definitive clinical management plan is determined.

  • Features a real-life approach, based on actual consults, with chapters titled by the symptoms and clinical presentation of the patient, not by neurosurgical diagnosis.
  • Begins each chapter with the actual consult notification from the consulting team, mimicking how the neurosurgery provider is notified about a new patient in practice.
  • Presents initial imaging as it occurs in real life?whether imaging has already been done or whether the consulting physician needs guidance on what imaging is needed.
  • Includes "Walking Thoughts", guidance on how to tailor your thoughts toward the most important and pressing issues facing the patients before even meeting them, so that upon evaluation, the most important questions are asked first.
  • Covers the most essential neurosurgical grading scales, key physical exam findings, the systematic thought process behind triage management, and learning points to remember when seeing a particular type of neurosurgical patient.
  • Summarizes evidence-based standards of care and key literature.
  • Stepwise video demonstration of the most common emergent bedside procedures.

An excellent learning tool for neurosurgery residents as well as neurosurgery fellows, neurology residents, emergency room providers, neurocritical care providers, registered nurses, clinical fellows, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, medical students, and nursing students.

Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, videos, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Sommaire : The Neurosurgical Consult Book

Section One - Trauma Consults.

1. Epidural Hematoma

2. Traumatic Subarachnoid

3. Acute Subdural Hematoma

4. Diffuse Axonal Injury

5. Gunshot Wound (spine and cranial)

6. Odontoid Fracture

7. Jefferson Fracture

8. Chance Fracture

9. Perched/Jumped facets

10. Burst fracture with retropulsion

11. Clay Shoveler Fracture

Section Two - Tumor Consults

12. Meningioma

13. Low grade intra-axial tumors

14. High grade intra-axial tumors

15. Supratentorial Metastases

16. Infratentorial Metastases

17. Pituitary Tumors

18. Pituitary apoplexy

19. Intraventricular tumor

20. Pituitary tumor with hypernatremia

21. Tumor mimic: stroke

22. Tumor progression vs treatment effect

Section Three - Vascular Diseases

23. Supratentorial intracranial hemorrhage

24. Infratentorial intracranial hemorrhage

25. Chronic subdural hematoma

26. Hemicraniectomy for stroke

27. Thrombectomy for stroke

28. Non-ruptured aneurysm

29. Ruptured aneurysm ? subarachnoid hemorrhage

30. Perimesencephalic subarachnoid hemorrhage

31. Arteriovenous malformation after radiosurgery

32. Ruptured arteriovenous malformation

33. Dural arteriovenous fistula

34. Cavernous malformation

35. Carotid-cavernous fistulas

36. Internal carotid stenosis

Section Four - Spine and Peripheral Nerve Consults

37. Non-operative degenerative spine disease

38. Cervical myelopathy

39. Neck pain - ACDF

40. Thoracic myelopathy

41. Lumbar degenerative disease

42. Cauda equina

43. Sagittal balance/adjacent segment disease

44. Central cord

45. Postoperative epidural hematoma

46. Spinal tumor ? intradural

47. Spinal tumor ? extradural

48. Spinal dural arteriovenous fistula

49. Spinal cord intrinsic tumor mimic: MS

50. Nerve section injury

51. Nerve crush injury

Section Five - Pediatric consults

52. Perinatal intraventricular hemorrhage

53. Myelomeningocele/chiari

54. Shunt malfunction

55. Endoscopic third ventriculostomy

56. Pediatric brain tumors

57. Pediatric spinal tumor

58. Depressed skull fracture

59. Non-depressed skull fracture

60. Non-accidental trauma


Section Six - Hydrocephalus

62. Normal pressure hydrocephalus

63. Acute shunt malfunction - distal

64. Acute shunt malfunction - proximal

65. Pseudotumor

66. Spontaneous CSF leak/encephalocele

Section Seven - Infection Consults

67. Puffy Pott's Tumor

68. Intraparenchymal abscess

69. Osteomyelitis/epidural abscess - operative

70. Osteomyelitis/epidural abscess - nonoperative

Section Eight - Functional and Pain Consults

71. Baclofen pump malfunction

72. Baclofen pump infection

73. Spinal cord stimulator

74. Adult chiari and Ehler Danlos

75. Trigeminal Neuralgia

Section Nine - Post-operative Complications

76. Post-operative DVT/PE

77. Epidural hematoma - cranial

78. Epidural hematoma - spinal

79. Septic emboli/cement emboli

80. Wound infection - cranial

81. Wound infection - spinal

82. Shunt infection

83. Postoperative CSF leak

84. Postop intracranial hemorrhage

Section Ten - Procedures

85. Shunt change and shunt tap

86. Intracranial Pressure Monitor

87. Intraventricular catheter

88. Lumbar puncture

89. Lumbar drain

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