Soft Tissue Augmentation 5th edition

Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology

Offering a step-by-step, practical approach to sought-after cosmetic procedures, Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology: Soft Tissue Augmentation, 5th Edition, enables you to master the up-to-date...

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Collection Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology
Date 07/06/2023
Pages 256
Taille 23.5 x 19
Type Relié
ISBN 9780323830751

Description détaillée : Soft Tissue Augmentation 5th edition

Edited by expert clinicians Drs. Jean Carruthers and Alastair Carruthers, along with Jeffrey S. Dover, Murad Alam, and Omar Ibrahim, it covers the different classes of fillers including how to choose a filler, treatment areas by location including different injection techniques, and reversals, as well as an entire section on complications all abundantly illustrated and evidence based. A substantial video library helps you successfully incorporate the latest procedures into your practice.

  • Provides complete, clear descriptions and rationales for using dermal fillers to combat loss of facial fat, muscle, and bone density. Logically organized content begins with general injection techniques and facial considerations, followed by numerous options of filler material and chapters for each treatment area.

  • Contains new chapters on transgender beautification using fillers, vascular compromise in soft tissue augmentation, HA microdroplet for skin quality enhancement, pros and cons of temporary fillers, filler injection techniques, and calcium hydroxylapatite ultradilute, HA dilution.

  • Features high-quality images and 29 new treatment demonstration videos.

  • Devotes entire sections to adverse effects, safety improvement, and the management of complications.

  • Includes numerous before-and-after photos, treatment illustrations indicating exact injection points, case studies, pearls and pitfalls, and user-friendly flow diagrams on adverse event treatment protocols.

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Sommaire : Soft Tissue Augmentation 5th edition


1. Introduction

2. Fillers: Paradigm Shifts Produce New Challenges

3. Facial Attractiveness and the Central Role of Volume

Part 1: Temporary Fillers

4. Introduction to Temporary Fillers: Pros and Cons

5. Restylane Family

6. Juverm Family

7. Belotero Family

8. Teosyal (Teoxane) Family

9. Calcium hydroxylapatite ultradilute, HA dilution

10. Poly-l-Lactic Acid

11. Emervel Family

12. Autologous Fat

Part 2: Permanent Fillers

13. Introduction to Permanent Fillers: Pros and Cons

14. Liquid Injectable Silicone

15. Bellafill

Part 3:Volumizing Locations

16. Soft Tissue Augmentation of the Forehead

17. Soft Tissue Augmentation of the Temple

18. Three-Dimensional Reflation of the Glabella and Adjacent Forehead

19. Volumetric Treatment of the Brows

20. Infraorbital Hollow and Nasojugal Fold

21. Soft Tissue Augmentation of the Midface

22. Soft Tissue Nasal Augmentation by Injection: Safety and Pitfalls

23. Filler Injection of the Melolabial Folds and Marionette

24. Soft Tissue Augmentation of the Chin and Jawline

25. Soft Tissue Augmentation of the Lips

26. Soft Tissue Augmentation of Lip Lines

27. Soft Tissue Augmentation of the Hands

28. Soft Tissue Augmentation of the Neck and Chest

29. Soft Tissue Augmentation and Contouring of the Buttocks

30. Earlobe Rejuvenation

31. HA Microdroplet for skin quality enhancement

32. Filler Injection Techniques

33. Soft Tissue Filler for the Transgender Patient

34. Combination Filler Treatments

35. Complications of Temporary Fillers

36. Complications of Permanent Fillers

37. Vascular Compromise in Soft Tissue Augmentation

38. Filler Reversers

39. Legal Aspects of Soft Tissue Filler Treatments

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