Dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine with Dynesys

Dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine with Dynesys

Part 1 - Fundaments of dynamic stabilisation with Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization with Dynesys : Philosophy - Concept - Experiences Dubois Concepts of Lumbar Instability and Mechanical...

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Auteur(s) Othmar Schwarzenbach, Thomas M. Stoll, Lilia Dubois
Date 08/11/2006
Taille 24,0 x 16,0
Type Broché
ISBN 9782840234692

Description détaillée : Dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine with Dynesys

Part 1 - Fundaments of dynamic stabilisation with Dynesys
Dynamic Stabilization with Dynesys : Philosophy - Concept - Experiences
Concepts of Lumbar Instability and Mechanical Stabilization
Design Evaluation of a Posterior Dynamic Stabilization Device (Dynesys)
Compliance of Components, Interconnections and System Characteristics
Nydegger, Trommsdorff, Frölich
Proposal for an Elementary Conceptual Model of the Spine
Dubois, Lorrain, Nydegger
Towards a functional treatment of lumbar vertebral instability. Restorationof the

Biomechanics with Dynesys
Battista-Scarfo, Francesco-Muzii
Sagital Balance of the spine and Flexible Dynamic neutralization
Legaye, Laurence
An In Vivo Biomechanical Study of the Dynesys  System in Upriht position Using Positionnal

In Vivo Measurements of Lumbar Segment Stability as an Aid for Indication of Dynamic

Dynamic Stabilization with Dynesys : Experience, Considerations and Results
Paraspinal approach and Dynamic Stabilisation for Dyskinesia and Soft Stenosis in Lumbar

Degenerative Discopathy
Macro and Micro Lumbosacrosal Spinal Instabilities : Treatment Possibilities
Histological Changes of Degenerated Disc after Dynamic Neutralization
Intrathecal Morphine Analgesia Protocol in Spine Surgery
Part 2 - Indications
Dynamic Neutralization System in the Treatment of Degenerate Disc Disease. Orthopedic Spine

Surgeon's Perspective
Results of Non-Fusion Stabilizations with the Dynesys System in the Degenerative Spine

(Based on a 101-case series)
Ricart, Serwier
Dinesys : Experience with 183 cases
Dynesis Dynamic Neutralization System : Our Personal Experience
Lamartina, Zagra
Dynamic Stabilization : Indications and Results. Influntial Factors : Age, Type of Work and

General Skeletal State. A Study of 107 Cases
The Dynamic Neutealization System of The Lumbar Spine In Degenerative Disease : Our

Experience and Early Results
Mura, Costaglioli, Castangia
Spinal Stenosis with Degenerative Spondylolisthesis : The Value of Dynamic Stabilization in

addition to Decompression
Jeanneret, Schnake, Schaeren
The Use of Dynamic Stabilization in the Operative Treatent of Degenerative Spinal Stenosis
The Complications of the Non-Fusion Stabilisation Technique with Dynesys
Dubois, Huot, Finiels, De Germay, Salmon


Part 3 - Clinical Experience
Dynamic Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine : Preliminary Case Series Report
Prisini, Di Silvestre, Cioni, Greggi, Giacomini, Bakaloudis, Lolli
Dynesys in Venezuela, Experience afte 4 1/2 years
Lara Garcia
Experience in Spine Surgery Using the Dynesys System : 52 cases with a minimum 18 month

Dynesys in Degenerative Lumbar Instability : Preliminary Experience
Solini, Gargiullo
Dynamic Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine with the Dynesys System
Dynesys : Results of a short experiment
Usefulness of Dynesys in the Stabilization of the Lumbar-Sacral Spine in 37 cases
Chatellier, Zabée, Husson


Part 4 - Enlargement of the experience
Prevention and Cure of Lumbar Junction Disease : an Indication for Podterior Non-Fusion System
Surgical Procedure for the Treatment of Multisegmental Degenerative Disc Disease. "Hybrid Stabilization" a Conbination of Fusion and Non-Fusion Techniques
Dynamic Stabilization Systems - Our Experience with the Dynesis System
Caserta, La Maida, Misaggi, Brambilla, Ferraro
Functional Surgery of the lumbar spine : Experience with Disc Prosthesis and the Dynesys System
Gioia, Mandelli
Dynesys, the Middle way Between Rigidity and Mobility
The Dynesys System in treatment of the Degenerative Spine : a Five year Experience with Special Reference to its Aplication in Active Sportsmen
Eary US Experience with Dynesys Spinal System
Sherman, Davis, Maxwell



Auteur(s): Dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine with Dynesys

Othmar Schwarzenbach
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