Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery 3rd edition

Basic and clinical sciences of the equine athlete

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Get evidence-based guidelines to keeping athletic horses healthy and physically fit! 

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Description détaillée : Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery 3rd edition

Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery, 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive guide to exercise physiology and training within a clinical context, along with a detailed review of all diseases affecting horses used in racing and competition.

Not only does this text discuss the physiological responses of each body system to exercise, but it covers nutritional support, the prevention of exercise-induced disorders and lameness, and modification of training regimens.

New to this edition are topics such as drug effects on performance and the use of cloud-based technologies for monitoring performance. Written by an expert team of international authors led by Dr.Kenneth W. Hinchcliff, this authoritative, all-in-one resource is also available as an eBook on Expert Consult.


What is the content of "Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery 3rd edition" ?

  • Comprehensive coverage is based on sound research and evidence-based practice, and provides an understanding of the physiologic processes underlying the responses of horses to exercise and physical conditioning, from musculoskeletal and respiratory disorders to nutrition and physical rehabilitation.
  • International perspective on equine athletics includes guidelines pertinent to different geographic areas and racing jurisdictions.
  • Complementary and alternative therapies are explored, as well as physical therapy and chiropractic therapy for athletic horses.
  • Coverage of abnormalities of the upper airway is now divided into two chapters: Disease of the Nasopharynx and Diseases of the Larynx and Trachea.
  • Coverage of diseases of the heart is divided into two chapters: Arrhythmias in Equine Athletes and Structural Heart Disease of Equine Athletes.
  • Nearly 900 drawings and clinical photos depict equine anatomy, testing, and treatment scenarios.
  • High-quality artwork includes new radiographic, ultrasonographic, CAT scan, and MRI images to aid understanding and diagnosis.
  • Expert Consult website includes a fully searchable version of the entire text with each new print purchase.


New chapters in this edition include:

  • History of Equine Exercise Physiology
  • Farriery and Shoeing of the Equine Athlete
  • Transportation of Athletic Horses
  • Investigating Causes of Death During Exercise
  • Behaviour and Behavioural Abnormalities in Horses Used for Racing and Competition
  • Welfare of Horses Used in Racing and Competition
  • The Connected Horse on innovative, cloud-based technologies used to monitor horses during racing/competition and training
  • Track and Course Design
  • Principles of Regulation of Drug Use in Competition Horses
  • Detection of Drug Use in Performance Horses
  • Drug Effects on Performance
  • Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases in Populations of Equine Athletes.


Who are the authors of "Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery 3rd edition" ?

Kenneth W Hinchcliff, BVSc, MS, PhD, DACVIM (Large Animal), Dean Emeritus Veterinary Clinical Centre Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences The University of Melbourne ; Australia

Andris J. Kaneps, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVS, DACVSMR, Owner, Kaneps Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery, Beverly, MA, USA

Raymond J. Geor, BVSc, MVSc, PhD Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Large Animal) Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Nutrition (Honorary) Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Professor and Chairperson, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Emmanuelle Van Erck-Westergen, DVM PhD DECEIM, Equine Sports Medicine Practice, Waterloo, Belgium

Sommaire : Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery 3rd edition

Section 1: Integrative physiology and exercise testing

NEW! History of equine exercise physiology

The horse as an athlete

Laboratory exercise testing

Exercise testing in the field

Genetic basis of equine performance NEW! Farriery and shoeing of the equine athlete

NEW! Transportation of athletic horses

Section 2: Musculoskeletal system

Epidemiology of orthopaedic diseases in athletic horses

Muscle physiology: responses to exercise and training

Muscle disorders of equine athletes

Skeletal physiology: responses to exercise and training

Tendon and ligament physiology

Biomechanics of locomotion in the athletic horse

Joint physiology: response to exercise and training

Kinematics of lameness

Diagnosis of lameness

Diseases of the foot

Distal limb: fetlock and pastern


The carpus

Elbow and shoulder

Tarsus and stifle

Soft tissue: tendinitis and desmitis

Back and pelvis

Repetitive strain injuries of the skeleton in high performance equine athletes

Pharmacotherapy of the joint and tendon disease

Neurologic gait abnormalities in the athletic horse

Section 3: Respiratory system

Upper airway function of normal horses during exercise

Abnormalities of the upper airway

Disease of the nasopharynx and Diseases of the larynx and trachea.

Lower airway function: response to exercise and training

Inflammatory diseases of the lower airway of athletic horses

Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH)

Viral respiratory disease in athletic horses

Section 4: Cardiovascular system

Heart and vessels: function during exercise and training adaptations

Diseases of the heart and vessels: Arrhythmias in equine athletes and structural heart disease of equine athletes.

Section 5: Metabolism and nutrition

Metabolic responses to exercise and training

Endocrine function during exercise and response to training

Nutrition for the equine athlete: nutrient requirements and key principles in ration design

Nutrition for the equine athlete: above and beyond nutrient requirements

Section 6: Fluids and electrolytes

Body fluids and electrolytes: responses to exercise and training

Acid-base physiology at rest, during exercise and in response to training

Abnormalities of body fluids and electrolytes in athletic horses

Thermoregulation and exercise-associated heat illnesses

Section 7: Hematology and immunology

Hematologic and serum biochemical responses to exercise and training

Abnormalities of the erythron

Exercise and immunity in horses

NEW! Investigating causes of death during exercise

Section 8: Gastrointestinal System

Gastrointestinal diseases of athletic horses

Section 9: Veterinary management of the performance horseVeterinary aspects of training Thoroughbred racehorses

Veterinary aspects of training horses used for harness racing (trotters and pacers)

Veterinary aspects of training event horses

Veterinary aspects of training dressage horses

Veterinary aspects of training and racing endurance horses

Veterinary aspects of training and competing polo horses

Veterinary aspects of training and competing Western performance horses

Veterinary aspects of training the showjumping horse

Investigating causes of death during exercise

NEW! Behaviour and behavioural abnormalities in horses used for racing and competition.

NEW! Welfare of horses used in racing and competition

NEW! The connected horse ? discussing innovative, cloud-based technologies for use in monitoring horses during racing/competition and training

NEW! Track and course design Veterinary aspects of the aged equine athlete

Anesthesia of the equine athlete

NEW! Principles of regulation of drug use in competition horses

NEW! Detection of drug use in performance horses

NEW! Drug effects on performance

Emergency procedures and first aid for equine athletes

Reproductive management of the athletic horse

NEW! Epidemiology and control of infectious diseases in populations of equine athletes

Examination of the equine athlete prior to purchase

Section 10: Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Manual therapy and exercise for athletic horses

Equine rehabilitation: chiropractic therapy for athletic horses

Physical treatment of the equine athlete

Appendix 1a - Reference ranges for the leukogram of athletic horses

Appendix 2 - Reference ranges for serum biochemical variables in athletic horses


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