Todd Blodgett

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  1. Specialty Imaging : Gynecologic Oncology

    Specialty Imaging : Gynecologic Oncology

    Date de parution : 1 octobre 2010
    Specialty Imaging : Gynecologic Oncology is the first and only Amirsys book dedicated exclusively to cancers of the female reproductive system. Using more than 400 detailed images and nearly 130 pages of easy-to-read bulleted text, Dr Akram Shabaan and team carefully describe the imageing... En savoir plus
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  2. PET/CT Oncologic Imaging with Correlative Diagnostic CT

    PET/CT Oncologic Imaging with Correlative Diagnostic CT

    Auteur : Todd Blodgett
    Date de parution : 7 avril 2009
    This profusely illustrated, practical reference is the first PET/CT book to offer not only comprehensive PET findings, but also extensive coverage of diagnostic CT findings, performance of diagnostic CT as part of PET/CT, and added benefits of PET/CT. Geared to practicing nuclear medicine... En savoir plus
    205,00 €