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  1. Diagnostic imaging gynecology 2nd edition

    Diagnostic imaging gynecology 2nd edition

    Auteur : Shaaban
    Date de parution : 5 janvier 2015
    Presented by an international team of experts, the new edition of Diagnostic Imaging: Gynecology features an exhaustive collection of imaging findings in gynecologic diseases. It pairs state-of-the-art images with extensive correlative imaging between ultrasound, sonohysterography,... En savoir plus
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  2. speciality imaging: genitourinary oncology

    speciality imaging: genitourinary oncology

    Date de parution : 1 octobre 2010
    The first Amirsys® publication devoted solely to genitourinary cancers has finally arrived. In Specialty Imaging™: Genitourinary Oncology, Dr. Akram Shaaban and team skillfully guide clinicians through the imaging appearances, staging, and treatment techniques for cancers of the kidney,... En savoir plus
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  3. Diagnostic imaging: Oncology

    Diagnostic imaging: Oncology

    Auteur : Shaaban, M. Akram
    Date de parution : 7 janvier 2010
    Amirsys's Diagnostic Imaging series provides another comprehensive, easy-to-use reference book. Written and edited by renowned cancer imagers, Diagnostic Imaging: Oncology sets a new standard in cancer imaging references. Each chapter includes complete staging tables approved by the AJCC, lavish... En savoir plus
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