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  1. Nuclear medicine

    Nuclear medicine

    Auteur : R. Zimmerman
    Date de parution : 26 avril 2018
    Nuclear medicine is a growing specialized medical field in which radiopharmaceuticals, i.e. drugs associated to radioactivity, are used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. En savoir plus
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    19,00 €

  2. Neuroradiology 3rd Edition

    Neuroradiology 3rd Edition

    Date de parution : 16 juin 2010
    In Neuroradiology, the top-selling book in the Requisites in Radiology Series, Dr David Yousem, et al, presents a new way to think about neuroradiologic diagnoses, and covers everything from imaging basics to neurodegenerative abnormalities. In the 3rd edition, the authors address the conceptual,... En savoir plus
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