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  1. Dermatopathology 3rd ed

    Dermatopathology 3rd ed

    Date de parution : 17 août 2018
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    Offering a unique combination of expert online lectures, vast image collections both in print and online, and an easy-to-use print atlas, Dermatopathology, 3rd Edition, helps you master the complexities of this challenging and fast-changing subspecialty. En savoir plus
  2. Andrew's diseases of the skin clinical atlas
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    Designed as both a superior standalone atlas and a pictorial companion to the 12th edition of Andrews' Disease of the Skin, Andrews' Diseases of the Skin Clinical Atlas provides a remarkable collection of 3,000 high-quality images, resulting in the ultimate visual catalogue for those who see... En savoir plus
  3. Dermatopathology, 2nd edition

    Dermatopathology, 2nd edition

    Auteur : D. Elston
    Date de parution : 3 décembre 2013
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    With a unique combination of targeted online lectures, vast online image collections, and an easy-to-follow supporting atlas, Dr. Elston’s highly acclaimed "dermatopathology made easier" approach presents a unique way to master the foundations of this complex dermatology sub-specialty,... En savoir plus