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  1. Macular Edema 2nd edition

    Macular Edema 2nd edition

    Date de parution : 20 avril 2018
    Since the publication of the first edition of 'Macular Edema - A Practical Approach' in 2010, modern imaging related to the pathophysiology of macular edema has progressed immensely. En savoir plus
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  2. MRI and CT of the Female Pelvis

    MRI and CT of the Female Pelvis

    Date de parution : 1 octobre 2006
    This volume provides a comprehensive account of the use of MRI and CT cross-sectional imaging techniques to identify and characterize developmental anomalies and acquired diseases of the female genital tract. Benign and malignant diseases are considered, and attention is also paid to normal... En savoir plus
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